PILATES is an ideal holistic workout to transform your body with awareness and a meaningful mind and body connection. Whether you are looking for a full body workout to create define and toning muscles or simply want to improve your range of movements and free yourself of aches and pain.
Pilates anytime, anywhere for everyone is the concept of PATIPILATES whether you are visiting Tulum beach town on vacation or living here long term and are looking for an efficient, dynamic or preventive workout program.  Committing to yourself is the key.
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Push your boundaries in a controlled environment. Balance between flexibility and strength. From your powerhouse (abdominals, lower spine and gluteus) you work your body with integrated movement, connecting all your body parts to your center and core.
Focus on alignment while lengthening your muscles under the control of your mind through innovative combinations of movements minimizing stress on tendons, joints and ligaments. Heighten your body condition and connect with yourself.
Acquire not only physical fitness and a streamline body-shape but educate your body and learn how to blend the power of your mind with functional exercises combined with a correct breathing technique.


Private group sessions on the mat can be arranged at your private gym, hotel, at the beach or anywhere Tulum’s incredible nature inspires you to practice. Private Reforfmer workout is available upon request in my studio in Tulum town. Or join my group sessions on the beach or downtown Tulum

Reformer or Mat Pilates sessions are available upon request. Private training can be arranged at your home or anywhere you feel comfortable. Through a progressive workout plan designed to meet your own objectives and physical condition you will feel the change in your body after a few sessions.

Private sessions are the best way to discover and master the Pilates method, especially if you are new to this practice. Contact me for a private introductory class on the reformer or mat.
Reformer is a special Pilates equipment with outside resistance and support such as adjustable springs and straps. Working on the reformer takes your practice to a whole new level.
Group classes follow a dynamic flow providing you with a full body workout with variations from beginner to advanced level. Breath in Tulum’s magical vibe and enjoy some outdoor training.

Special promotions:

Introductory Pilates session (1,5 h) on mat and reformer

Workshops and Group sessions for special events

Special packages for residents

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Contact Me:

It will be my pleasure to create a personalized workout or design a playful, dynamic and imaginative group class for you.
Phone: +52 1 (984) 164-2290

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